Save US$40,000 per 500 Premium Power LEDs per year

50%-85% savings without investment

The Premium Power LED products save 50%-85% on your light energy and CO2.

The average savings per 500 PPLs per year is US$40,000 (vs. T8 Fluorescent tubes)!

RentAlite uses a smart instant profit calculation which requires a zero Investment, a payback out of the RentAlite savings and zero maintenance costs during the entire process. The Rentalite Premium Power LED products can also be purchased. 

In addition, with the EPAct tax deduction you are eligible to get a 100% tax deduction on installation and on the Premium Power LEDs.

Do you want to know how much energy, money and CO2 you can save with our Premium Power Led lighting without investment? Or do you want to know more detailed information about the EPAct Tax deduction for the Premium Power LEDs and installation. .

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