LED lighting for parking garages

Purchase: Fast return on your investment
Rentalite Model: No investment, Pay out of the savings

  • Savings of 50%-85% on energy and CO2
  • Installation- and Service friendly
  • Designed in Europe

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Lifetime warranty in RentAlite model
Premium Power LED: fixture and LED lamp in 1
  • Robust fixture
  • Lots of light (up to 170 L/W)
  • Intelligent and remote dimmable
  • Lifespan 300.000 hours (only 2 LED strip replacements)
  • Vandalism proof

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100% tax deduction available

The EPAct tax deduction makes it possible to get a 100% tax deduction on installation and PPL’s.

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Video - Parking garage illuminated with the PPL


LED car park lighting
LED parking garages: No investment; 50-85% Energy and cost savings; 100,000 hour lifespan and 10 years no service