LED for Offices

Purchase: Fast return on your investment
Rentalite Model: No investment, Pay out of the savings

  • Also very suitable for schools, hospitals and shopping centers
  • Savings of 50%-85% on energy and CO2
  • Installation- and Service friendly
  • Designed in Europe

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Lifetime warranty in RentAlite model
Rentalite model
  • Start without an upfront investment
  • Receive LED lamps for free
  • Your service fee will come out of the saving
  • The rest of the savings is immediate profit

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100% tax deduction available

The EPAct tax deduction makes it possible to get a 100% tax deduction on installation and Premium Power LED products.

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How it's made

LED office lights
The Rentalite LED office lighting is suitable for i.a. commercial use and has several dim options to save up to 90% on energy and C02