60-85% Energy- and cost savings

  • Robust fixture and Power LED in one
  • Lifetime of the system 300.000 hours, in which the LED strips only need to be replaced twice
  • Intelligent dimmable in many ways
  • Developed in Europe and the USA
The Premium Power LED (PPL) is a robust aluminum Fixture with Power LED strips, which generate a powerful and beautiful light display.

The PPL is available in 150 cm, 220 cm and 20-65 watts. The PPL is the ideal replacement for T8 and T5 fixtures. The PPLs are switchable, as well as dimmable in groups and with individual sensors.
  • Length: 150 cm 
    (also available in: 60cm/120cm /220cm)
  • Samsung PowerLEDS (up to 190 Lumen per Watt gross and 150 net.), made in the USA
  • Power consumption: 20-65 watt
  • Lumen output: 3000 - 9750 (net.)
  • Lumen drop 20% at 100.000 hours
  • Beam angle: 160 Degrees, much wider than standard LED tubes!
  • Power factor: 0.98
    (patented low temperature driver)
  • Lifetime LED strips and driver: 100.000 hours
  • Moisture resistant IP65 or IP66
  • CE, TUV, UL, CUL, LM79 approved
  • Warranty: RentAlite model: Lifetime!
    Purchase model: 5 years
  • The robust fixture lasts for decades.
  • Easy to install, no maintenance
  • Optional dimmable: DALI, 1-10V or individual sensor
  • Optional available with built in battery pack for emergency lighting
The Premium Power LED is switchable on/off in groups by movement- and/or daylight sensors

Basic dimming: 
The Premium Power LED comes standard with our Basic dimming system. This means that the highest and lowest position of the PPL can be inserted into the lamp (70-80-90 highest position, or 100%, and the lowest position at 0-10-20, or 30%).

Individual dimming: 
All Premium Power LEDs are individually intelligent dimmable by a built in movement sensor in each PPL (every desired setting is possible).

Can-bus and Dali: 
Each lamp has its own IP address, the lamps can be individually controlled (dimming at any level using motion sensors or daylight sensors). Also, the lamps can be grouped into several sections and can be controlled as desired. This CANbus system comes with a touchscreen which operates the entire lighting system.
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The Premium Power LED Next is easy to install by means of a clip, sliding clip or steel wires. 

Download here the Premium Power LED Next installation manual.

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