Certifications, Standards and Incentives


The Rentalite Premium Power LED has the following certificates: CE, TUV, UL,CUL, LM79


BS-EN 12464-1

The current standard for parking garages BS-EN 12464-1 can be reached with the Premium Power LED fixtures. The fixtures should be positioned as follows: one 150cm PPL -29.8W for every 2 parking lanes, parallel to the driving lane halfway the parking space. One 150cmPPL 29.8W per 2 parking spaces centered above the middle of the driving lane. This applies to driving lanes with a width of about 5 to 7 meters. The requirement is an average of 75 lux on the driving lanes and parking bays. The ramps must achieve a daytime lux level of 300 lux and at night 75 lux.



The European Parking Association has instituted two award schemes to set standards, demonstrate the high quality of parking structures and services and to encourage operators to provide good services throughout Europe.
The European Standard Parking Award called ESPA defines a set of minimum standards for a good basic quality in structure and services. The extensive checklist which is applied has been devised by an international EPA expert team (last update was 2009) and serves as a reference not only within the parking industry but also for local authorities. More details on the ESPA are found here. The EPA Award competition is organized biannually and certifies the most outstanding and excellent carparks. This "Oscar of the parking industry" demonstrates the highest quality in four categories. Further details on the EPA Award can be found here. The Premium Power LED fixtures, LED lighting for parking garages, contribute to obtain the ESPA award.


The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. CIBSE is the standard setter and authority on building services engineering. It publishes Guidance and Codes which are internationally recognized as authoritative, and sets the criteria for best practice in the profession. The Premium Power LED, LED lighting for parking garages, complies with CIBSE standard.

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