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Q1. Are Rentalite’s LED products able to produce the same light output like the lamps we currently have installed in our building?
Yes! Our research and development team has managed to a very high lumen output with our LED products to generate. The Premium Power LED products have a very high lumen/watt ratio up to> 140 lm/w net. as opposed to +/- 90 lumen/watt from conventional (fluorescent) lighting. This has been demonstrated in an independent measurement reports.

Q2. Are all of the Rentalite products dimmable or switchable?
A2. Yes, all our products are dimmable or switchable. It can be set in advance to a fixed position, and can be regulate by motion sensors. LED does not suffer from the on / off effect that for example, is affecting the lifespan of conventional lighting negatively.

Q3. I am still a bit reluctant to invest in LED because it still has not been fully 
developed yet.
A3. Rentalite currently offers the newest LED technologies. Our LED products will generate more light than conventional lighting, and generate savings of 50%-85%. So why wait any longer? Start saving now!

Q4.  They say that LED lights constantly flicker and therefore can cause headaches?
The first generation of LED lights were known to flicker and had a light source that consisted of hundreds of small dots; as a result they would cause headaches to some people. 
However Rentalite offers the newest generation of LED products and we can ensure you that our products will not flicker and cause headaches accordingly.

Q5. What is the lumen output of the Premium Power LED products? 

RentAlite manufactures its products always with the latest LEDs with the highest available lumen output. This in combination with the unique control of the LEDs provides a very high lumen output which rises to more than 115 lm/w.

Q6. What is the lumen drop of your LED products? 

we minimized the lumen drop due to our patented unique driver technology which solves the problem with the heat dissipation. Therefore the Lumen drop is minimal, for example <20% at 100,000 hours

Q7. What does the word “power factor” stand for anyway?
The reactive current is the extra energy that the energy company must provide to an LED Product / fixture (with poor quality). This power consumption is not registered by the KWH meter and not paid for by the customer but the energy company does deliver it. The power factor PF is the relationship between the net power P and the apparent power S. It is the division of power divided by the apparent power.

The PF is a yardstick of how efficiently electrical power is delivered to the consumer. Ideally, the PF is equal to 1. And all less than 1 means that additional power is required to deliver. The PF of the RentAlite PPL products is 0.90-0.98, which is higher than the PF of conventional lighting.

Q8. Are Rentalite’s products going to interfere with the electronic equipment in my building? 
All of our products have gone through an EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) test, all of the tests showed that our product will not interfere with any other electronic components.

Q9. How does your RentaLite model work?
You will receive the products without investment and the saving is shared for 6 to 10 years. The installation can be shared from these savings so you do not need to invest in the installation as well.

No investment, but a direct profit. Replacing the traditional energy-consuming products in environmentally friendly solutions is a costly affair. The return on this investment is often, years after the start, visible. RentAlite uses a direct return model, in which you share the savings, with zero maintenance costs throughout the period.

Q10. What’s the warranty on Rentalite’s products?
A10. RentAlite gives when you purchase the product 3-5 years warranty (depending on the product, with an option for 6 years for the PPL) and the RentAlite model comes with a lifetime warranty on the products, for the duration of the contract.

Q11. How can I calculate how much I will be saving?
A11.The average savings per 500 PPLs per year is EURO 35.000 (compared to T8 fluorescent lamps). 
Average savings per 500 PPLs PLUS per year is EURO 65.000 (vs. HPS and Metal Halide lamps)!! Please contact us at info@rentalite for a customized savings calculation for your company.

Q12. When would I be able to use the RentAlite model©?
A12. If more than 250 lamps need to be replaced, and you have more than 240 burning days per year with a minimum of 10 hours per day.

Q13. Can I cluster the lamps to be able to use the RentAlite model?
A13. Yes you can! An invoice will be send to one address each month.

Q14. When will I receive an invoice?
A14. You will receive an invoice by the end of each month; the amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

Q15. How will I be certain I will save electricity each month? My electricity usage varies each month and I can’t read how much I use on lamps on my electricity bill.
A15. With our measuring equipment we can demonstrate that our LED lamps save 50% -85% on energy. If the saving rate is clear than we cab easily make a calculation how much the annual savings will be when we know burning the days and hours per year know.

Q16. Why doesn’t Philips or Sylvania do what Rentalite does?
A16. RentAlite is a progressive organization that develops the best LED technologies itself. Speed ​​and quality are the hallmarks of our highly experienced team. With our attractive RentAlite formula and our direct approach we are very welcome to the major global organizations.

Q17. What about insurance, who is taking care of that?
A17. If you have purchased or leased a Rentalite product, it is your responsibility to insure it.

Q18. Is Rentalite an international company? 
Yes, the possibilities are worldwide

Q19. Are there Subsidies or incentives available if I purchase a Rentalite product?
A19. Yes, however the kind of incentives and subsidies are different in each state and county. Contact your local advisor for more information or let us help you to find the right incentive out there.

Q20. Comparison between the Premium Power LED (PPL), complete fixture vs. PPL TUBES (retrofit).
A20. The main difference between the PPL and the PPL TUBE is the robustness of the fixture of the PPL. The PPL has a robust aluminum fixture that will last decades. In this fixture there are LED strips that which last 100.000 hours ie. 11 years. After nine years, these LED strips can easily be replaced for new LED strips with the latest, then current, technology. The PPL Tube is a retrofit solution which can be installed in an existing fixture or with a new (IP65) fixture. Our TUBE solutions we recommend especially for indoor projects.

Q21. Why the Premium Power LED Tubes instead of Standard LED tubes?

  • The Premium Power LED tubes are being developed in Europe and have a very high quality standard. Therefore a warranty of up to 10 years!
  • The Premium Power LED has developed a unique driver. Through this unique patented driver technology we solved the heat problem with LEDs. Heat shortens the life of the standard LED tubes up to 20,000 hours (= 2 years) and ensures high lumen drop. The Premium Power LED tubes do not have these problems!
  • The Premium Power LED has many certifications CE / UL / CUL / TUV. Often standard LED tubes do not have all these certifications.
  • The Premium Power LED technology has proven itself in the past 10 years (i.a. horticulture). The lifespan is 50,000 hours. RentAlite offers a standard warranty on the Premium Power LED tube of 5 years in the purchase model, and even 10 years in the RentAlite model!
  • RentAlite offers the latest LED technology. Our LED products have equivalent or eveen better brightness than conventional light sources. Our technology is always the latest in the market. Currently our Premium Power LED tubes have a lumen/watt ratio of> 140 net.
  • The light distribution of the Premium Power LED tubes is optimized through a Fresnel lens, this ensures optimum light distribution on the floor (standard LED tubes have a very downwards and focused light).
  • The Premium Power LED tubes can be installed as a retrofit into your existing fixture without having to be converted (in the case of magnetic ballast).
  • The RentAlite Premium Power LED tubes are optional dimmable with 1-10 Volt or Dali (to be connected to a BMS). Often standard LED tubes do not have these capabilities
  • The Premium Power LED tubes are also available with battery pack for emergency lighting.

Q 22. What are the benefits of the RentAlite Premium Power LED technology compared to conventional T5 fluorescent lighting?
A 22.

  • T5 fluorescent lighting consumes 49 watts without ballast (ballast) with VSA 53-55 watts. Premium Power LED lights consume between 6-60 watts. The saving is on average 59% in energy and CO2. This means on average per 500 Premium Power LED lamps a saving of 27,000 euros per year and 90,000 kg of CO2 per year!
  • The efficiency of the PPL products is much higher than that of fluorescent T5. The PPL LED products have a LM / W ratio rising to 140, this is in most cases 25% higher than of fluorescent T5. This means that you have the same light image with much less wattage. The lifespan of fluorescent T5 is 15,000-20,000 hours. The lifespan of the Premium Power LED (PPL) rises to 100,000 hours. This means less service, maintenance and replacement!
  • The Premium Power LED has many dimming possibilities. The dimming of LED products contributes to a longer lifespan. The Switching and / or dimming of fluorescent products contributes to a shorter lifespan. Moreover, fluorescent lighting it is not linear dimmable, this means that if a conventional fluorescent light is being dimmed for 80% it still consumes 80% of the maximum power. Some of our dim possibilities with the PPL products:
    o Intelligent dimmable into groups (for example, each level adjustable from 100% to 30% =  extra savings!)
    o Individually dimmable (each fixture dims by a daylight- and/or movement sensor to a  dimming level)
    o Intelligent dimmable by Dali and may be connected to a BMS. The additional  dimming possibilities contribute to more energy and CO2 savings as well as an extension of  lifespan!
  • The fitting of the PPL is more robust than a T5 fluorescent fixture. Major advantage in regards to vandalism and theft.
  • Fluorescent T5 is designed for offices and therefore the ideal temperature is around 20 degrees, the average temperature is below 20 degrees and this is at the expense of the lifespan and light maintenance, so problems in garages! T5 fluorescent chemical waste. Fluorescent tubes should be disposed of as hazardous waste, environmental taxes and cost!
  • There are many problems with electronic ballasts for fluorescent lighting that after 2 years already need to be replaced. These ballasts are nearly as expensive as a completely new lamp for TL / TL T5.

Please note: The fluorescent tubes (TL) as well as the traditional bulbs will disappear over the coming years. The tube contains phosphorus, mercury and lead, and gases that damage our environment. The purchase of fluorescent fixtures and lamps means also, that within now and 8 years, there will be another investment needed in new fixtures and lamps other than the current technology. This decision is not appropriate in the context of sustainability and being green.

Several customers who had initially opted for T5, by these arguments and their savings now and in the future (in 11 ears, only one new LED strip) have chosen the Premium Power LED technology.

Q23. How long has the Premium Power LED technology been in existence? 

We have been working on new developments, production, marketing and sales since 1978. LED was introduced to us in 1980, during this long period we gained a lot of knowledge and experience. The development and production of the current LED technologies, and conventional light replacements, have been with us and our partners, for over 10 years in already. The Premium Power LED technology has proven itself over the last 10 years already (i.a. in the horticulture).


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